Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today we went to the gateway kids museum. It was great! My mom, Grandma, and Aunt Carla went with us. My Grandma cracks me up, she wanted to do and see everything. She is 97! They had a good time too. There is so much to do there for kids. Again, there is a lot of pictures, but I couldn't pick just a couple and I don't know how to do those collage things! (and yes that is grandma Fox in Kennedy's stroller but she doesn't weigh very much!)

The fountain was about a block down from the museum and Granny Fox was beat from playing, so we put her in Kennedy's stroller so she could see the fountain. She loved it just as much as the kids.

Addie Loves to sing!

Trey loved being a checker, it was his favorite until he saw this........

I'm pretty sure he wants to be a Life Flight Pilot!

Or a little Dick Norse.


This week Karly and Jeff went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation. So I get to have the kids. It has been a lot of fun, they have been so good. Saturday Kevin took Trey and Addie fishing at the lake, they caught 3 fish. They were so excited and thought it was great to cook them and eat them! Sunday we went to Payson Lakes. Trey is getting very good at his casting. He went through a dozen worms and a bottle of Power bait. He didn't catch any fish, but he can cast pretty far! I'm posting a lot of pictures so Karly and Jeff can see them, they aren't very good I took them with my phone.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin and Karly!

Today is Kevin and Karly's Birthday! If I was really on the ball I would be able to find some more pictures of them on their birthdays. (maybe next year) The top picture Karly wasn't born for a few more hours. The bottom one is Karly's 4th and Kevin's 31st! They have always enjoyed having their birthday parties together. Happy Birthday you two!